30 Years

There is a great deal of information relating to Uganda and AsiansfromUganda that we would like to present on this website. However, we are very limited in the resources required to identify, locate and digitize it for your viewing. What we have succeeded in presenting would not have been possible without the support of the following people and companies for which we are very grateful:

  1. Julie Najma Solberg and Rino Solberg for their permission to use information on Uganda from their CD-ROM publication entitled “All you need to know about Uganda – in 1997”.
  2. Zane Lalani and Expulsion Publications, 1997 for permission to use material from Ugandan Asian Expulsion – 90 Days and Beyond Through the eyes of the International Press, 25th Anniversary Edition.
  3. The Evening Standard
  4. The Eastern Eye, Asian Times both of which are publications of The Ethnic Media Group.
  5. The Asian Times
  6. The Asian Age
  7. Asian Voice
  8. India Today
  9. Asian Trader
  10. Vanoo Jivraj Somia for permission to use material from his publication The Ancient History of the Solar Race – A history of the Indians of East Africa published by Country Books
  11. Cynthia Salvadori and the Friends of Fort Jesus for permission to use material from Two Indian Travellers published by Friends of Fort Jesus.
  12. Vasim Memon of The Design Factory, London, and Hasu Manek for their brilliant graphics arts contribution in the form of the logo for this website.
  13. We have a big debt of gratitude to our first web design team in 2003 - Milenna Pinto, Ebrahim Amirat, Bharat Thakrar & Avnee Thakrar. Without their skills, enthusiasm and generous contribution of time this website would still be on the 'drawing board'!
  14. We would also like to thank Tarang Patel and Shraddha Kathiriya and their colleagues at Vsourz Web Design for the re-design and re-launch of the original website of 2003.

We are also grateful to all the individuals whose generous donations – funds, time, skills, advice and support – have ultimately made this public service, non-commercial venture possible. The majority are AsiansfromUganda but some vital contributions have been made by individuals who are now honorary AsiansfromUganda!