30 Years
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This website is intended not only as a historical record of the fate of many AsiansfromUganda , we have focussed on those who settled in the UK, but more importantly for succeeding generations of AsiansfromUganda to know and appreciate the hardships and courage of their displaced parents and the resilience they have shown in starting again and making significant contributions to the country they settled in.

We would like it to be a respository for:

  • personal memoirs (pre-1972, 1972 or after 1972),
  • historical notes about schools, organisations and communities
  • biographical notes on individuals who lived in Uganda and contributed in however small a way to the society in which they lived.

We welcome general articles on Uganda, book reviews, personal memoirs, historical notes, biographical notes, photographs and any historical information you would like to share with others around the world.

Our preference is to receive this information by email to asiansfromuganda@gmail.com in digital format. If it is necessary to mail documents please mail them to:
AsiansfromUganda Website, C/O Turner (London) Limited, 91-93 Baker Street, 5th Floor, London, United Kingdom, W1U 6QQ

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this website, please send them to asiansfromuganda@gmail.com.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit the material we receive.