30 Years


The inspiration for this website emerged from the need to collect information about the expulsion of the AsiansfromUganda and make it available to current and future generations in a permanent and easily accessible manner. What better vehicle than a website – modern, cost-effective, easy to update and universally accessible.

Some of the key people who inspired and brought this website to reality are noted below.

Manubhai M. Madhvani

The late Manubhai was hailed as a ‘true Ugandan’ by the President of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Museveni, for his role in rebuilding the economy of Uganda since 1985 after the collapse and stagnation of the Idi Amin years. Manubhai and his brothers returned to Uganda, rehabilitated the Kakira Sugar Plantation and Factory complex taking it beyond its heyday in 1972. In doing so they provided the means of earning a livelihood, training, medical facilities and education facilities for over 8,000 families and opportunity for over 4,500 out-growers to grow sugar cane as a cash-crop and participate in the re-development of the region.

One of the driving forces behind this website, in encouragement and resources, Manubhai wanted to record the history of the AsiansfromUganda for present and future generations. Younger AsiansfromUganda, he believed, had much to learn from the past, irrespective of the countries they moved to. In his quiet way he took every opportunity to encourage young people to get involved in the public square, to participate and contribute to political, cultural and welfare activities for the benefit of the societies they live in and belong to. This website is a small example of his thinking.

Manzoor Moghal

A former mayor of Masaka in Uganda and now a businessman, Manzoor is a public servant par excellence. Having devoted a large part of his life to public service and inter-racial harmony in pre-1972 Uganda, Manzoor settled in Leicester, the city whose city council notoriously posted notices in national UK newspapers discouraging AsiansfromUganda from settling in Leicester. This did not deter Manzoor who has been a force for unity and bridge-building on various levels in Leicester and the UK. Manzoor has never ceased to support and encourage this website project.

Hasu Manek

Hasu belongs to the ‘next generation’ of AsiansfromUganda having arrived in the UK as teenager. A former student of Old Kampala Secondary School and now a successful businessman with his brother Jayesh Manek. Hasu is first and foremost an artist at heart and a graphic designer by vocation. More than anyone else he was responsible for the graphic and visual presentation of the commemorative projects in 1997. The egg-timer logo of all the commemorative events was the fruit of his work with Vasim Memon and it became the logo of this website. Both Hasu and Jayesh also provided valuable advice on content.

John de Souza

John was 21 and a Uganda citizen when he was expelled from Uganda. In the last weeks before the 8th November 1972 deadline he visited and took food to Manubhai Madhvani, incarcerated in the infamous Makindye Military Prison, just outside Kampala on the way to Entebbe. After many years in Canada, he came to work for Manubhai in the UK and had the privilege of participating in projects that Manubhai was personally committed to.

John took responsibility for implementing and managing the website project and he received unstinting support from Bharat Thakrar, Milenna Pinto and Ebrahim Emirat – all non-remunerated volunteers.


This website was funded entirely by generous contributions from numerous AsiansfromUganda in the United Kingdom in 1997 as part of the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Programme described in another section of the website. Office space and facilities together with John de Souza’s time were and continue to be contributed by wish of the late Manubhai Madhvani.