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East Africa - General

  • Somia Vanoo Jivraj’s The Ancient History of the Solar Race Volume One and A History of the Indians of East Africa Volume Two, Country Books, England; 2001.
  • Salvadori Cynthia’s Two Indian Travellers East Africa 1902-1905, Friends of Fort Jesus, Kenya; 1997.


General Issues

  • D. Rothchild and M. Rogin's "Uganda"
  • G. Carter's National Unity and Regionalism in Eight African States
  • D. Apter's The Political Kingdom in Uganda
  • N. Kasfir's The Shrinking Political Arena
  • C. Gertzel's Party and Locality in Northern Uganda.
  • S. Karugire's A Political History of Uganda
  • T. Sathyamurthy's The Political Development of Uganda, 1900- 1986
  • F. Welbourn's Religion and Politics in Uganda, 1952-1962

1970-1980 The Amin Era

  • Z Lalani’s Ugandan Asian Expulsion. 90 Days and Beyond Through the Eyes of the International Press– 25th Anniversary Edition, Expulsion Publications, United States of America; 1997.
  • D. Martin's General Amin
  • H. Kyemba's A State of Blood
  • A. Mazrui's Soldiers and Kinsmen in Uganda
  • M. Twaddle's Expulsion of a Minority
  • G.I. Smith's Ghosts of Kampala
  • Somia Vanoo Jivraj’s Ugandano Hahakar – In Gujarati.; Paradise Publications, Stoke-on-Trent; 1977
  • The International Commission of Jurists' Uganda and Human Rights.

The New Uganda

  • T. Avirgan and M. Honey's War in Uganda
  • H. Hansen and M. Twaddle's Uganda Now
  • P. Wiebe and C. Dodge's Beyond Crisis
  • K. Rupesinghe's Conflict Resolution in Uganda
  • The Minority Rights Group's Uganda and Sudan--North and South.
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